Stew, The Miniseries

Winters in New York leave much to be desired. And I mean A LOT. I stay indoors at all costs. Fresh air comes from my walks between the subway and my apartment. Exercise comes in the form of a treadmill facing a large window….which faces another window on the other side of the street. If it’s not snowing, I’d appreciate a temperate 50 degrees plus, thank you very much.

But the joy of a warm stew can only reach its full potential when it’s cold outside. The silver lining (playbook).

This Thursday I will begin a series on stew. I will work my way through different adaptations and cultural distinctions to uncover what makes a stew a, well, stew. I will start with Osso Bucco, an Italian favorite, and work my way to Jamaican Oxtail.

One stew per week, each from a different culture and each connecting to the first. The first one goes up Thursday morning.

Stay tuned…


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