Review: The Chocolate Room


The Chocolate Room is nestled next to the old Cobble Hill Cinema in Court Street, Brooklyn. Like the theater, there is something decidedly old world about it; it screams with nostalgia.

When you walk in, you encounter a glass showcase of chocolates, but I urge you not to be distracted. Past the cafe counter, a small hallway and the kitchen is a beautiful parlor complete with dark woods, marble tabletops and a back wall covered in floor to ceiling windows that look out into brownstone backyards and balconies. In springtime, it is serene.

The menu is full of chocolate treats. Looking for a savory meal? Won’t find that here. You will find traditional desserts and suggested pairings. And this is where the nostalgia ends. I assure you that you have never tasted chocolate done like this.

After placing your order you’re given complimentary brownies. Moist, light, slightly nutty and covered in powdered sugar. It’s not too sweet and small enough to just whet your appetite. Ever been to a dessert place complete with an amuse bouche? This was a first for me!

I ordered a Brownie Sundae with mint chip ice cream. The brownie was perfectly warm and fluffy, but had a slight crisp to the top. The ice cream was homemade (by hand!), and it tasted like they used real mint! It was icy, creamy and perfectly cooling. The ice cream was topped with whipped cream and a cherry soaked in brandy. Everything was topped with chocolate shavings and a healthy pour of chocolate fudge. The fudge cooled when it reached the ice cream, giving it a creamy, chocolaty thickness, and then melted again when it reached the brownie, leaving a pool of gooey fudge at the bottom of the bowl. Never had I ever tasted a brownie sundae like that!

Their chocolate cake may have been the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had. It was moist, fluffy and chocolatey. The chocolate was the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Disclaimer: I am not a lover of chocolate cake. The chocolate/vanilla debate always goes to vanilla in my book. But I have yet to find a vanilla cake that I would choose over TCR’s chocolate layer cake.

The Chocolate Room definitely gets my recommendation. You can also try out their 5th Avenue location in Park Slope!

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