Turkey Meatballs filled with Spinach, Goat cheese and Sundried Tomato


The topic of healthy-ish cooking (emphasis on the “ish”) reaches my blog once again. This time by way of turkey meatballs.

My general philosophy on turkey meatballs is “why?!” Sure it’s healthy, but a simple substitution of turkey for beef produces dry, flavorless and underwhelming meatballs. It’s a turkey, not a cow, so why not treat it like one!

While I wouldn’t want to compete with the flavors of a nice chunk of beef, turkey almost calls out for an accompaniment–even bold and imposing flavors.

When making my turkey meatballs this week, I went crazy! I decided to infused the meatballs with finely chopped spinach, sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil and dollops of goat cheese. The colorful fixins added flavor and vibrance, and a nice handful of breadcrumbs helped it to retain moisture.
Pan fry yours for a few minutes and you’ll have some beautiful, tasty and healthy-ish turkey meatballs.

Want to up your health factor? Pair the meatballs with quinoa pasta (find it in the pasta aisle) tossed with lemon zest, olive oil, sundried tomato and basil. Yum!

Turkey Meatballs

1 lb Ground Turkey
1 cup Spinach (chopped)
2 tbsp goat cheese
2 tbs Sundried tomato
8 leaves Basil
2/3 cup Bread Crumbs
1 cloves Garlic
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Red Pepper Flakes

1. Finely chop the spinach, basil and garlic, and roughly chop the tomato. Place these in a medium-sized bowl.
2. Add the breadcrumbs, cheese, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper flakes and S&P to the bowl and mix thoroughly.
3. Add the Turkey to the bowl and fold until combined. Do NOT overmix.
4. Form the turkey meat into roughly 2 inch balls, and roll them in flour.
5. Pan fry the meatballs in olive oil for about 20 minutes until they are browned and cooked through.

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Meatballs filled with Spinach, Goat cheese and Sundried Tomato

  1. Now with respect to the goat cheese: must I milk the goat myself or will it be OK if my friend trader joe does the milking? You didn’t specify…

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